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Programming EN 108
We are a community of people learning 馃悕 Python, 馃敩 data science, and 馃 machine learning.

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We are a community of people learning 馃悕 Python, 馃敩 data science, 馃搳 statistics, 馃М linear algebra, and 馃 machine learning. We regularly host broadcasts and provide resources for people looking to level up their knowledge. The topics we discuss range from the very basics, such as installing Anaconda, setting up your development environment, and navigating git, to more advanced programming concepts, like how to build and run neural networks in Keras.

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We're also building an open-source data science curriculum similar to what you would find at high-priced data science and coding boot camps. We think knowledge should be free and accessible regardless of economic status.

If you've been wanting to learn about machine learning but don't have the money or time for expensive programs or classes, join us on Discord today!

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馃彨 Small community of dedicated students and educators
馃崈 Github access to our curriculum in development on GitHub
馃搮 Exclusive online meetups with other learners and experts in the field
馃檵鈥嶁檧锔 Ask questions / get help
馃摎 Recommended readings
馃摵 Broadcasts of select coding and machine learning topics
馃搮 Monthly "office hours" to join and ask questions
馃З Solve weekly Python, Pandas, and ML Challenges for practice
馃懏鈥嶁檧锔 Moderated server with spam protection