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A dystopian roleplay server based around the dystopian Dominion City and Dominion Universe.

Dominion City... deep lore, and deeper danger. Enter a walled, circular city of 7 Districts, each representing a unique genre of dystopia. The City is ruthlessly controlled and patrolled by the Dominion Corporation, the government with a thousand secrets. All you have is your character and network. But if you plan to violate Protocol, Dominion will find you.

Explore Electua District, summed up easily as the cyberpunk genre, though the four sectors hold very different experiences.
NORTH ELECTUA - Dirty Mid-City and it's street-racing culture
WEST ELECTUA - Asian-inspired and holding the Neon Tech Markets
EAST ELECTUA - As dangerous as it gets, watch your ass

What is Dominion Universe?
Here, we engage is canon-creation, non-technical roleplaying in the form of interaction and storytelling, making memes, and overall just having a good time. Our community is inclusive, welcoming to everyone, and we don't allow drama or trolls.

Enter and ask questions! Get to know us and become part of the Dominion community! We're currently focusing only on Electua District, so it's a great time to jump in. We promote community support and offer character art, animated chibi emotes, and custom channels in exchange for server boosts!

Welcome, Citizen!