Looking Glass

Fun 18+ SFW Community Memes NSFW (18+)
18+ 18+ Fun 95
Wonderland-themed RP server with expansive lore and setting and a wonderful time keeping system!

♥ Any character fits, any character is acceptable. The plot was made to house every single character imaginable.
♣ No approval process, no character limit. Once your character is posted you can rp immediately.
♦ Custom housing and shop channels for your characters,
♠ SFW for the majority of the rp. Optional mature rp on the side kept from the public eye.

Creativity, story building, and generally just going wild is highly encouraged! You're also free to hang out in the general server if you don't want to rp too. There are options to hide the entire rp section of the server if you don't plan on using it or just read the rps that occur without participating.

We don't accept random partnerships.