TNGDS™ [Closed]

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Hi! Gamers. Do you like Undertale? Then this server is just for you! (we have more games dw)

Hello, gamerladies and gamers! We are kind community. Who likes to play games... or just talk, you know! And if you don't feel like playin' anything.. that's okay! just chat and have fun! 
We offer...

・ Undertale/Deltarune community
・ Kind, helpful staff!
・ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
・ Smarties!
・ We sure are active!
・ 70+ channels!
・ 100+ members!
・ More game channels! 
  (Osu, Stardew Valley, Geometry Dash, Genshin impact..)
・ Lots of roles!
・ Your opinion matters here!
・ No NSFW!
・ Organized channels!
・ Looking for new mods!
・ Looking for partners!