The Inn

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Wanna make new friends? The Inn is here to save the day a community driven by YOU!

• Welcome to Dewdrop Inn, a community of people just like you and I, somewhere you can relax and take a break from everything.

• As a community there is a variety of stuff you can do, anything from a card game, listening to your favorite tunes together in the music channel, engage in converstion, post your favorite pictures, memes or videos.

•We have dedicated channels for pretty much anything (including game channels)!

• You can always suggest something you think needs changed, added or even removed!

• Here at Dewdrop we are dedicated to giving you the best community experience you can ask for!

• I could just keep going on about everything we have and use up all your time, keep listing things, but that's kinda boring, join and see for yourself what makes Dewdrop Inn, Dewdrop Inn!