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💬 Free text chats + vc's 🎤 | 🎉 giveaways, 🎭 events, 🎚 levels and more.

🔱 ZODIACK | Trade•Social•Stickers & Emojis•Economy•Gaming•Chill 🔱

𐐪🎀𐑂 ~ __Abo__ut Us
We are a chill and social community Discord server with users from all over the world offering many public and private text/voice chats to socialize with friends and meet new people.
..Here, we do many giveaways and events with great rewards like premium ranks, Discord Nitro, PayPal/CashApp and much more. Use self-assignable roles like notifications, chat colors, categories, pronouns and more to customize your profile in the server for members to see. We offer much more then we show. Like what you're seeing? Join the fun today!

𐐪🎀𐑂 ~ __What __We Offer
✧ ⋆ ╭ Free 300+ custom emojis and stickers
🎉Several giveaways and events ~ Discord Nitro, PayPal/CashApp, ranks and more 💰
💬Social public and private ~ text/voice chats 🗣
😲Random many Nitro drops in the general chat when active ~ Discord Nitro Classic and Nitro + Boosts 💰
Very friendly, super fun ~ Welcoming and all around funny/cool members
🎚XP/Levels system for text and VC ~ Special ranks + most active of the month rewards 💫
🤖Many free bots and commands ~ Music from all platforms, Gambling, Dank Memer, AniGame and more 💻
🕹Free games to play with other users or bots ~ game chats, bots, rps, roulette, roll the dice, guess the number, guess the song and more ☺️
✧ ⋆ ╰ Nitro Booster rewards and colors
⬆️Vote rewards for voting for us on top.gg ~ once every 12 hours for the voter rank + features 🗳

𐐪🎀𐑂 ~ __Why __Not Join?
https://dsc.gg/zodiack ~ 🔗
https://top.gg/servers/842070481279516712 ~ 🔗