Mental health Community Fun
Community EN 78
a small server for people just looking for a place to belong. DID, OSDD, ASD, LGBTQ+, etc. friendly.

We are Vampyr_x,

a small server for people who feel like don't have a place where they belong.
our small community is ever-growing and we'd love for you to become a part of it!

  • SFW & non-toxic server environment, including multiple venting channels to safely and healthily express your emotions without hurting yourself or others.

  • art and creativity channels! show off any creative media you're proud of! including; art, poetry, writing, photography, and more! as well as a creative advice ping role! if you're looking for advice on something you're working on, feel free to give it a ping for suggestions! alternatively, if you're looking to offer your advice, the role is available for anyone to give themself!

  • DID, OSDD, ASD, LGBTQ, etc. friendly! if you don't support any of these, please do not join. we're a safe space for the people of these communities.

  • helpful ping roles such as; food ping- to remind you to eat at least one solid meal and stay hydrated, vent ping- whenever you need help with something bothering you, positive ping- when you need a little extra positivity in your day, and more!

  • fun, interactive, and helpful bots! including, pokétwo, fishing bot, bastion, pluralkit, suicide prevention bot, and more being invited daily!