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Club Daehyeon --- Build the future of Kpop with us!

🎧Welcome to Daehyeon V 🎧 !

Club Daehyeon is where we're developing a new way to build authentic relationships with you and your favorite KPop idols and artists of all sorts!

What do we do? -- We're a platform where you can stream live & pre-recorded virtual concerts in an immersive universe. What makes us special is you can interact with fans and artists like you're at a live concert and you can build authentic relationships with Kpop Idols and Artists of all genres!

This is the perfect community for folks who...

-Want to build the future of Kpop and virtual artist interaction 🎤

-Want to be a part of the team that chooses the next group or artist to perform in Asimula 🎻

-Want to talk about Kpop, share memes, and chill with other Kpop fans 🎨

-Want to discuss Kpop news and where Kpop is going! 🎳

The Club Daehyeon Team