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Meet people, have fun, build friendships and memories in the lonely server. Come say hi!

Hi! Want to make friends?

Welcome to the server of friendship, helpfulness, and support!

lonely is a community that encourages each other to support one another. We are a friendly community where you can meet people, socialize, and make friends. It's a pretty chill server for anyone to hang out in.

We have:
• Completely SFW environment
• Friendly and welcoming people
• Pingable Support Role
• No drama, no toxicity, no politics
• Places for black hole screams (venting), anonymous confessions, art, selfies, pets, memes, etc.
• Cool bots
• LGBTQIA+ Owner

Join our growing community and make friends. Hang out, chat about random stuff and have fun. If you want to meet people, stop by and say hi!